Tai Chi & Qi Gong Classes in Camden

Classes are now running again, almost as pre-Covid 19, though we are being careful and people are welcome to wear their masks in class for added safety. It has been a difficult couple of years but we have kept going through having the Zoom interface to keep in touch, and even now while everything is opened up again in the UK.

The Camden classes are going well and we hope to bring back the Friday tai chi classes again in Notting Hill for the Kensington & Chelsea Forum sometime in early June. When this happens we will post the notification.

Hope to see you soon, for breathing and joyful movement!

Tai Chi in Camden Square with Tai Ji Circle, we hope to be able to bring these free monthly out door classes back in June.

Chen Taiji with Chris back in venue on Tuesdays

Community Class on Zoom in 2020

After a year of Covid 19 restrictions, the Tuesday Community Chen Taiji class is back in venue at St Paul’s Church Hall in Camden Square, NW1 9BP at 11:00am. We take all precautions and ask those attending to book into the Tai Ji Circle booking site to reserve a place and pay the fee. Please observe the necessary safety requirements, wear a mask, sign in for track and trace, use gel etc. As numbers attending are also still limited to 8, we ask everyone to book a place so that we know who is attending. If you wish to attend please book on the link below:-


It’s great to be back and see old friends again. We also ask all those attending classes on Zoom to book their free place on the same Bookwhen link. Thank you and hope to see you soon.

March 2020 – tai chi classes move online

Now at the end of March we are all in the UK and many other countries following government advice to stay safe and well at home, which can be isolating for us all. At Tai Ji Circle we shared this Lung support qi gong exercises, see below for more details.

Coronavirus 2020
Check our link on information about Yifei Gong, created by Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang to support and strengthen our immune system and help lung health in the flu season following the Coronavirus outbreak of 2019-2020.

We recommend that everyone follows the government and NHS guidelines,
• the vulnerable and over 70’s remain safe at home, washing the hands when entering and leaving home, and
• self-isolation for 7-14 days if you or anyone in your family is ill

Do check government guidelines regularly. Chris is providing free online classes through Tai Ji Circle.

If you are interested please get in touch by email and we will let you know how to join us.

Email Me

Here are some of the web links for checking full government and NHS guidelines. It is however very important to keep exercising safely for health and well being.



Camden Age UK have also set up a number of activities and services for people aged over 55 who are unwell, self-isolating or struggling to get out that you can take part in from home. They are offering an assisted online shopping service, live streaming music recitals every day, an online book club and a telephone befriending service. Visit www.ageukcamden.org.uk or call 020 7239 0400 to find out more about what they have on offer for Camden residents.

2019 another busy tai chi year

As part of the Tai Ji Circle Chris and Shifu Liu were honoured to be invited to teach a Qi Gong session at Healthwatch UK’s London AGM, as an introduction and means of relaxation for the guests attending the event.

Chris explains… while Shifu Liu demonstrates the correct sitting position, back, head and neck straight and relaxed, feet level and aligned, before starting the practice.

A week later Chris was invited to talk at the AGM of the Kensington and Chelsea Forum for Older People, explaining the benefits of practicing Tai Chi for older people, helping balance, coordination, strength, relaxation, de-stressing etc…

Chris was fortunate to accompany Shifu Liu Quanjun travelling with the 2019 China Jiaozuo Tai Chi Cultural Tour – The Thousand Miles on the “The Belt & Road”, to Edinburgh where we gave talks and Shifu Liu demonstrated his skill. We then travelled to Oxford, and finished the tour in London with Tai Ji Circle, which Chris organised. We are very happy to celebrate China’s cultural ‘gift’ of Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan), that is loved and shared worldwide, and help to promote exchange between British and Chinese peoples.

Chris gave a talk in Edinburgh on the Belt & Road Tour about setting up the Tai Ji Circle in 2005 with Shifu Liu to promote the practice and share the benefits of taiji training, TJC became a charity in 2013.
Chris was invited to demonstrate Chen Taijiquan for the Long River Tai Chi group by a Tai Chi friend and colleague Richard Selby in November 2019. We had the beautiful accompaniment of live music on the Guzheng.
The Tai Ji Circle Christmas party went with a swing. After our charity AGM and training awards presentation, Shifu Liu taught the Lively Step Qi Gong and our taiji demonstrations were accompanied by the wonderful Chinese musician, Joanna Zhenghui Qiu. Everyone bought food to share and played games and ate to our hearts content. A huge thanks to our students who were immensely helpful, setting everything up and helping clear away afterwards, a great way to finish our classes for the year. To see more of Tai Ji Circle activities, check the website.


Chris Kensington&Chelsea demo 2018sm2018 has been a great year, full of interesting challenges, continuing with the regular Community tai ji classes, in Camden, Hendon and Notting Hill, which also included an invitation to give a talk and demonstration, of the benefits of tai chi practice on health and well being for the Kensington & Chelsea Forum in Notting Hill. In September I started a new weekly class teaching at the Parkinson’s specialist centre at the Edgware Community Hospital in Burnt Oak. Later in October Tai Ji Circle organised a special trip to China.

We left for China with Master Liu to celebrate the groundbreaking ceremony, on 1 October, of the new Chen Xiaowang Taijiquan Art Museum, to be built in Chenjiagou (Chen village), the Chinese home heartland for Chen Tai Ji. There were all sorts of ceremonials, speeches, incredible demonstrations by the disciples and breathtaking performances by several generations of the Chen masters themselves. I was invited to perform with some of the other international disciples and it was amazing and nerve-wracking to be onstage in front of hundreds of tai ji disciples and masters! Another highlight, was posture correction from Master Chen during his Chen Taijiquan 5 day seminars. Correct postural alignment during practice is key and Master Chen’s adjustments and delicate and sensitive corrections are superb.

Chris Chenjiagou on stage 1.10.18sm  Chen XiaoWang with Chris 5.10.18sm

It was wonderful to meet so many different Chen taiji practitioners from all over the world, and to practice together under the tuition of Grand Master Chen himself is a rare privilege.


Master Liu Quanjun with Chris and Tai Ji Circle trustees in front of the famous gateway of the Chenjiagou School.


Tai Chi at the Finchley Memorial Hospital Community Day


finchley-memorial-poster_2209Following the Saracens tai chi day I was asked to teach a session at the Finchley Memorial Hospital Community day the following Sunday. It was a privilege to be invited, and even though Dr Debbie Frost, chair of the Barnet Clinical Commissioning Group, was wearing and dress and heels, she also happily joined in the session.

One year On Tai Chi at Saracens!


Teaching on stage at the Saracens Ground photo © John Trigg

On a September morning in 2016 my colleague Lai from Tai Ji Circle and I, leading from the stage, taught another mass tai chi session at the Saracens Rugby Club. The Mayor of Barnet joined in despite wearing his chain of office and we had a great time and good feedback. It was organised by Age UK Barnet and Saracens and afterwards we went back to the club house to relax and encourage people to come along to my Thursday class at the Meritage Centre in Hendon.


Chris and Lai meeting the Mayor and Mayoress of Barnet, David Longstaff and Gillian Griffiths.



Chen Xiaowang and his calligraphy



‘Jing, Qi, Shen’ calligraphy by Chen Xiao Wang

As well as a world-renowned practitioner and teacher of the Chen style of Taijiquan, Grandmaster Chen is a famous calligrapher, and sells his work to fund restoration work in Chenjiagou, the ancestral home of Chen taijiquan in Henan Province, China. This year Chris bought ‘Tai Ji Quan’ or (Tai Chi Chuan in Cantonese), which translates as something like ‘Grand Ultimate Fist’. Underneath Master Chen writes that he made this calligraphy in the village of Chenjiagou in 2014. It seemed a special example of his calligraphy to keep as a momento of my discipleship ceremony held there. Chenjiagou is the village where Master Chen’s 9th generation ancestor Chen Wanting developed the family style of Chen Taijiquan, and he returns there each year from his worldwide travels to teach at the Chen Taijiquan school and initiate new disciples in the Chen family Temple. It is a wonderful place to visit as tai ji is practiced and taught everywhere you look, children as young as five, perform long complex routines with perfect poise and balance.

Chinese calligraphy is a beautiful and complex art form, and is considered like a form of ‘qi gong’ or ‘tai ji’ exercise, the mind is quietened, and the quality of the brush strokes express the energy, freedom, relaxation and vitality of Master Chen’s mastery as seen also in his tai ji. He will often choose words that express the heart of tai ji, such as ‘Jing Qi Shen’,  Essence, Energy, Spirit, or ‘The Book and the Sword’, which represents culture and martial arts.

Master Chen on a visit to the Chinese Embassy in London, see the link below.


Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang signing his calligraphy, watched by Liu Quanjun and Chinese embassy staff in 2013.

Chen Xiaowang creates Calligraphy at the Chinese Embassy in London in 2013

Research into Tai Chi and Chronic Pain

Tai Chi is recognised to help improve some chronic health conditions, as reported in the Harvard Health Publications from the Harvard Medical School.

The slow moving, and low impact natural movements increase coordination and strength, as well as relaxing mind and body, the slow relaxed and even breathing is calming. it has also been shown to help people with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, tension headache, and other ongoing, painful conditions.

See more from the link: Harvard Health Publications