2019 another busy tai chi year

As part of the Tai Ji Circle Chris and Shifu Liu were honoured to be invited to teach a Qi Gong session at Healthwatch UK’s London AGM, as an introduction and means of relaxation for the guests attending the event.

Chris explains… while Shifu Liu demonstrates the correct sitting position, back, head and neck straight and relaxed, feet level and aligned, before starting the practice.

A week later Chris was invited to talk at the AGM of the Kensington and Chelsea Forum for Older People, explaining the benefits of practicing Tai Chi for older people, helping balance, coordination, strength, relaxation, de-stressing etc…

Chris was fortunate to accompany Shifu Liu Quanjun travelling with the 2019 China Jiaozuo Tai Chi Cultural Tour – The Thousand Miles on the “The Belt & Road”, to Edinburgh where we gave talks and Shifu Liu demonstrated his skill. We then travelled to Oxford, and finished the tour in London with Tai Ji Circle, which Chris organised. We are very happy to celebrate China’s cultural ‘gift’ of Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan), that is loved and shared worldwide, and help to promote exchange between British and Chinese peoples.

Chris gave a talk in Edinburgh on the Belt & Road Tour about setting up the Tai Ji Circle in 2005 with Shifu Liu to promote the practice and share the benefits of taiji training, TJC became a charity in 2013.
Chris was invited to demonstrate Chen Taijiquan for the Long River Tai Chi group by a Tai Chi friend and colleague Richard Selby in November 2019. We had the beautiful accompaniment of live music on the Guzheng.
The Tai Ji Circle Christmas party went with a swing. After our charity AGM and training awards presentation, Shifu Liu taught the Lively Step Qi Gong and our taiji demonstrations were accompanied by the wonderful Chinese musician, Joanna Zhenghui Qiu. Everyone bought food to share and played games and ate to our hearts content. A huge thanks to our students who were immensely helpful, setting everything up and helping clear away afterwards, a great way to finish our classes for the year. To see more of Tai Ji Circle activities, check the website.