Chris Kensington&Chelsea demo 2018sm2018 has been a great year, full of interesting challenges, continuing with the regular Community tai ji classes, in Camden, Hendon and Notting Hill, which also included an invitation to give a talk and demonstration, of the benefits of tai chi practice on health and well being for the Kensington & Chelsea Forum in Notting Hill. In September I started a new weekly class teaching at the Parkinson’s specialist centre at the Edgware Community Hospital in Burnt Oak. Later in October Tai Ji Circle organised a special trip to China.

We left for China with Master Liu to celebrate the groundbreaking ceremony, on 1 October, of the new Chen Xiaowang Taijiquan Art Museum, to be built in Chenjiagou (Chen village), the Chinese home heartland for Chen Tai Ji. There were all sorts of ceremonials, speeches, incredible demonstrations by the disciples and breathtaking performances by several generations of the Chen masters themselves. I was invited to perform with some of the other international disciples and it was amazing and nerve-wracking to be onstage in front of hundreds of tai ji disciples and masters! Another highlight, was posture correction from Master Chen during his Chen Taijiquan 5 day seminars. Correct postural alignment during practice is key and Master Chen’s adjustments and delicate and sensitive corrections are superb.

Chris Chenjiagou on stage 1.10.18sm  Chen XiaoWang with Chris 5.10.18sm

It was wonderful to meet so many different Chen taiji practitioners from all over the world, and to practice together under the tuition of Grand Master Chen himself is a rare privilege.


Master Liu Quanjun with Chris and Tai Ji Circle trustees in front of the famous gateway of the Chenjiagou School.